Professionally Guided Kenai Fishing Trips
for Trout and Salmon

Alaska Troutfitters Specializes in Fly and Light Tackle guided fishing trips on the Kenai River and its surrounding fisheries. We are a company of anglers that take great pride in what we do. Come experience this truly special place with passionate, professional guides and staff. We have been guiding anglers on the Kenai for over 30 years, and can help you put together an Alaskan fishing trip you won’t forget.

Kenai River Fishing Trips

The Kenai is one of those magical rivers that gets ahold of you. It has an energy to it, that once you experience, is hard to forget. Few rivers in the World can match its beauty and angling potential. Alaska Troutfitters has been studying that potential since 1984, and our number one goal is to connect people to it.

The Kenai River offers anglers of all abilities something special. We specialize in Fly Fishing for Trout and Salmon, and welcome anglers of all skill levels. Come experience it with patient and confident guides that pay attention to the details. We are permitted to fish the entire 81 miles of the Kenai River allowing us to offer our guests many river trip options to suit their needs and species targeted. We offer both Trout and Salmon Kenai River Trips daily throughout the season. Full Day and Half Day-(June 1- November 1).

*this price may vary based on date and location

Private boat prices
1-2 people: $850*
3 people: $1100
4 people: $1200

Private boat prices
1-2 people: $550
3 people: $650
4 people: $800

Hike In Fishing Trips

Our Hike-In trips offer anglers the opportunity to experience the smaller rivers and creeks of the Kenai Peninsula. They are the perfect trip for that angler who likes to go at their own pace, fishing and hiking with a safe and knowledgeable guide that can adapt to any anglers ability and level. Our local streams offer fantastic sight fishing for Trout and Salmon, giving anglers a unique perspective into the incredible fish life cycles of Alaskan Rivers and why they are so productive. We offer both Trout and Salmon Hike-In trips daily. (Full Day and Half Day Trips)

Full Day 1 -2 Anglers $750
Half Day 1-2 Anglers $550

Fly Out Fishing Trips

Nestled among the mighty peaks of the Kenai Fiords National Park and tucked along the edges of the Harding Ice Fields, lie a series of special mountain lakes that offer anglers that true solitary Alaskan experience. Arctic Grayling and Rainbow Trout thrive in these nutrient rich still waters and see very little pressure throughout the season. We access these areas with safe and reliable local transports via Cessna floatplanes. All fishing and safety gear provided including Outcast Sport Gear Float Tubes for unlimited access to prime…

$1300 / one person
$1600 / two people

Spey Fishing Trips

The Kenai River presents some amazing opportunities for swinging flies, and 2-hand Spey and Switch rods are extremely effective tools for this. We specialize in teaching and guiding both Skagit and Scandinavian Spey casting for Trout, Salmon, and Steelhead. From the smashing grabs of giant chrome King Salmon to the delicate takes of trout on soft hackles, Spey casting and swing fishing is a valuable tool to have in your repertoire and we can get you dialed in. All Spey Fishing Trips are private trips and limited to 2 anglers per boat.

Full Day 1-2 Anglers $850