The guides at Alaska Troutfitters know how to get the job done when it comes to fishing for salmon on the Kenai River.

We use our 20 ft Willie drift boats to access the good bank fishing locations for sockeye and to locate silvers.

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IMG_1436The Kenai River receives two distinct Sockeye runs. The first run begins entering the system around the end of May and peaks out June 11th-June 25th. These are fish primarily bound for the Russian River, a major clear water tributary of the Upper Kenai River. First run Sockeye average 5-8 pounds and are mainly targeted on the drift- only section of the Upper Kenai. Full day drift boat trips are available for these fast flying first run fish. The second run begins July 15 and continues into the first week of August. This run consists of the largest numbers and size of fish. With second run fish regularly hitting the scales at 12 pounds, broken rods and backs are guaranteed. If you want to experience some of the craziest fly-fishing ever, hit the gym and then call us for reservations. Full and half day trips are available in the Upper Kenai River. Full day middle river trips are also available.

IMG_0662 Every fall the Kenai river offers anglers the unique opportunity of fly-fishing for one of the most aggressive salmon that swim, the silver. We primarily target the many backwater sloughs of the upper and middle river sections for these fly destroying fatties. If you're a light tackle spin fisherman, you just found the love of your life. Silvers begin entering the Kenai system in mid-August with peak times being mid-September through October. Fish average 8-10 pounds with 12 plus pound fish being hooked up consistently. Early mornings and late evenings are best. We usually combine silvers with our trout trips for a truly legendary fishing combination. Please refer to our trout fishing page for prices.