Alaska Troutfitters guides have the reputation of being "The Best." We take this very seriously and it shows in our passion for guiding and fishing.

From the beginner who is looking to get started, to the hardcore, seasoned angler searching for the fish of their dreams, rest assured our guides can deliver. Our guide line up includes Dusty Byrd, Billy Coulliette, Carl Coulliette, Jorge Aquino, Dan Haesche and Pat Murphy.

April 18th, 1951 - October 22nd, 2005

curt_trout The mighty Kenai called him and will forever whisper his name. God grant that I may fish until my dying day, and when it comes to my last cast; I then most humbly pray, When in the Lord's safe landing net I'm peacefully asleep, that in his mercy I'll be judged as big enough to keep.

Fly-Fishing Instructor/Guide and Owner of Alaska Troutfitters

byrd Dusty has been fishing Alaskan waters since she could walk. Growing up on Montana Creek in Talkeetna, Alaska with no power or running water, Dusty was catching fatties back then to put groceries on the table. Her passion for fishing was born on that little creek in Alaska and has since then taken her around the world in pursuit of game fish on the fly. Dusty's teaching and guiding abilities are second to none. She has been featured in several magazine articles and T. V. productions including Outdoor Life, Fish Alaska, and Field and Stream. Dusty Byrd is one Alaskan girl that can throw down drifts.

Fly-Fishing Instructor/Guide and Owner of Alaska Troutfitters

Coulliette Billy's fishing and guiding skills can be summed up in one word: Legendary. For the last ten years, he has been a pioneer in drift boat fly-fishing techniques on the upper and middle sections of the Kenai River. His specialty is Rainbow Trout of mythical proportions, and he pursues his quarry with the precision and determination of a full-fledged predator. Billy's professionalism on and off the river is nothing short of world class. He has pursued his life-long passion of fly-fishing from New Zealand to the Florida Keys, and everywhere in between. Coulliette has been featured in numerous fishing publications including Field and Stream, Fly-Fish America, Outdoor Life, and Fish Alaska magazine. Billy is one diehard Kenai River Trout Guide that can deliver the goods. When planning your Alaskan fishing vacation, you owe it to yourself to go with a company that will do everything they can to make sure your Alaska dream trip is one not to be forgotten. Why not choose a company who shares your love and passion of Fly-Fishing, and Let Alaska Troutfitters show you first hand why we are "The Best".