IMG_0948 The Kenai is home to some of the best fly-fishing for trout in the world, and is the perfect section of river for the beginner or expert to experience Alaska trout fishing for the first time. Surrounded by the massive peaks of the Kenai Mountains, the upper Kenai is a breathtaking display of Alaskan beauty. With its many braids, back channels, and gravel bars, the upper Kenai offers many unique ambush points for Rainbow Trout and Char on the fly. Fish average 12-16 inches with trophy fish in the 26-28 plus inch class caught regularly. The fishing begins in this section of the river on June 11th and continues through the end of October. We fish and float this limited guided section of the river with our custom 20 foot Willie drift boats with a maximum of four anglers per boat.

IMG_2514 This is the last 3 miles of the upper Kenai’s descent into Skilak Lake, and is also the most wild and remote section of the Kenai. This is an awesome addition to our full day Upper Kenai River trip. The canyon section offers anglers the chance at hooking some of the upper Kenai’s more magnum rainbows and char, as well as providing scenery that will take your breath away. From whitewater canyon runs to the smooth, braided sections of river just above the lake, this section of river is truly legendary. At the end of the day, kick back and enjoy the glacial views as you cruise out across Skilak Lake. Please note that Canyon trips may be delayed or cancelled due to the uncontrollable weather on Skilak Lake

SONY DSC This section of river begins its flow out of Skilak Lake and slowly winds downstream before it enters a gorge called Naptown Rapids. The Middle is a very wide and deep section of river with tons of classic submerged river structure and massive salmon spawning areas. Fish average 18 inches and fish in the 26-30 plus inch class are seen almost daily. More Rainbow Trout in the 12-18 pound class (that’s right, pounds) have been caught and released in this section of river over the last 10 years than any river in the world. Alaska Troutfitters guides pioneered fly-fishing tactics and techniques for the monster rainbows that inhabit and migrate into this section of river. This is primarily a boat fishery and is highly recommended for experienced anglers searching for their fish of a lifetime. This is where some of the biggest and baddest Rainbow Trout in the world come to party, are you ready? Maximum of four anglers per boat. (Please note that Middle Kenai River trips may be delayed or cancelled due to the uncontrollable weather on Skilak Lake.)